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Criminal Defense


Skeen & Robinson is dedicated to fighting fearlessly for our clients. We represent individuals who have been charged with any criminal offense, such as homicide, drug possession, DUI, juvenile crimes, gun crimes, and more.

Criminal charges can completely disrupt your life, so we are here to help. Whether our client is guilty or not, it is neither our intention nor place to judge. With our extensive experience in criminal defense, we work to ensure you receive a fair trial and best possible outcome.

When Skeen & Robinson decides to take on a case, we not only commit to the client, we commit to the research, dedication, and tenacity required to pursue all legal avenues to ensure the best possible defense for all our clients. Your life is too important to risk with just anyone. When you walk into the offices of Skeen & Robinson, know that you will be treated with respect and no judgment. Each client is assumed innocent until proven guilty and nowhere is that more true than with Skeen & Robinson’s goal is to make sure that you receive the best possible defense to solidify your rights and your dignity to the fullest extent of the law.

Being accused and charged with a crime will undoubtedly turn your whole world upside down. You’ll suddenly face the uncertainty of defending your good name, your family’s future, and your freedom. While criminal charges are dreadful for anyone to deal with, if you find yourself up against Utah’s harsh criminal justice system, you don’t need to fight alone.

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